Own Your Money Coaching Agreement

Last Update: January 25, 2024


General Coaching Services

I understand coaching provided by Your Profit Pro is not to be construed as legal, investment, or tax advice

The coaching services I am obtaining are designed to assist me in strengthening how I relate to my finances and to improve how I understand and allocate my finances.

In order to achieve results, I understand consistency and follow-through on suggestions provided in my coaching process are key to my success. I understand Your Profit Pro is not responsible for failure to achieve any positive impact based upon my failure to attend appointments or complete assigned tasks.


The Own Your Money Program

The Own Your Money coaching program I am registering for is designed to provide results over a 4 week period. Weekly calls are required.  Direct video, audio, and text messaging is also provided as a service over the 4 week coaching period.  I will have access to my coach in between my 4 scheduled calls if I need any extra assistance.  The scheduling of all 4 weekly calls must be completed prior to my first call.


Reschedule Policy

Your Profit Pro understands that future conflicts may arise with scheduled appointments and therefore does allow 1 reschedule during the month.  As a courtesy to our schedule and the calendar for other clients, we prefer at least 48 hours notice of cancellation.  If more than 1 reschedule is required during the month, I understand I am forfeiting my appointment as part of the coaching package and this may have negative impacts on my results.

Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel your coaching package anytime prior to your first coaching call and receive a full refund.

Your Profit Pro does not provide any partial period refunds for sessions missed or uncompleted over the month after the completion of the first coaching session.